Young Adult Novels for Valentine’s Day

Love at first sight, love in a dystopian society, love at the time of illness and war,  love triangles, love as a cure, love as  freedom…

How many different kinds of love stories can you imagine? What stories would your young adult or teen students love to read?

Last year we revisisted some of the classic titles that talk about love. Let’s explore Young Adult Novels (YANs) this year. There is an ever growing list of novels on our 101 Young Adult Novels website, and under the keyword ‘Romance‘ you will find fifteen titles which tell us different stories of love.

The most appealing thing about YANs is that their language is often straightforward, their choice of topics are bold and entertaining, and they approach reality from a very honest perspective. These novels tell us about all aspects of love that our students might be interested in, dealing with topics like love triangles, betrayal, jealousy, forbidden love, love at first sight, loving the wrong person, love in moments of hardship such as illness, war and conflict. These novels do not tell us sugar-coated tales, but they reveal the many faces of love in different settings: dystopian worlds, love during conflict, and forbidden love.

If you are teaching teen or young adult learners who have reached a comfortable upper-intermediate (CEF B1+/ B2) reading level, encourage them to read more and more. When you start recommending young adult novels to them, make sure they can choose from the right titles independently. Use the 101 Young Adult Novels website for inpiration, and grab a copy of the anthology (written by Christian Holzmann) this website is based on.

Here are our Top 5 (almost classic) Young Adult Novel recommendations for Valentine’s Day. Recommend this books to your classes or Book Clubs this month, and if there is a film adaptation of the novel watch them together after reading the book.

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