Two reading activities for your teenage classes

If you have made your reading resolutions for this year, now it is time to focus on some simple but fun reading activities.

1 The ‘bookshelfie’

It is the age of selfies, and it seems that we all like to show our friends where we are and what we are up to in various moments of our daily lives. Ask your students to take selfies with their favourite books, and even better, totake pictures of their bookshelves. ‘Bookshelfies’ are the latest trend on social networks such as Tumblr and Twitter,  a photo of your bookshelf can tell as much about you as an identity card or your curriculum vitae! Here are two fun activities to do with bookshelfies.

Before and after: find the differences

Your students can take a photo of their bookshelf now, and then towards the end of the term. They can also take pictures at any time the bookshelf changes. The aim is to have 2-4 pictures they can compare and tell others about the books they have liked best, where some of the books have gone and how and when new books have appeared.

Find similarities

Ask your students to work in pairs. After taking a photo of their bookshelves, ask them to compare their pictures and find books they both own, and then ask them to recommend books to each other from their shelves.

A bookshelfie.

A bookshelfie.

2 The book notes wall chart 

Put a book note wall chart on your wall or if you have a classroom account on Google docs, prepare a table for all your students to access.

The idea is to get students share their reading experiences each week on this chart. In our previous post on reading resolutions we talked about encouraging our students to talk about their reading experiences each week answering the question ‘What have you read this week?’ In this chart they can write in their summaries (key words or short sentences) or use sticky notes to post ideas and comments. Download this CLASSROOM READING CHART and print it or use it to create your own chart.

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