Storytelling with David Heathfield

David Heathfield

Next in our interview series we have an exciting first today. At the recent IATEFL Conference in Glasgow, Maria Cleary, Helbling Readers Series Editor had the chance to sit down with David Heathfield to talk about the magical world of telling stories.

David Heathfield is an international storyteller, teacher trainer and writer of educational resources. We have followed his work for a long time and, like many of you, enjoyed his stories. You can see him at many of the major English language teaching conferences and storytelling festivals, and he also gives workshops and speaks at smaller events all around the world. His speciality is oral storytelling, and he explores the oral cultures of the world through telling stories.

In this 9-minute interview you can hear him talk about his own storytelling memories from his childhood, and he also shares how he became a storyteller. We particularly like the examples and advice he gives to language teachers. Just like him, we also encourage you to believe in your own storytelling skills, start slowly and keep practising and telling stories to and with your students.

An extremely powerful element of David’s storytelling is bringing cultures together. Listen to his ideas on using his students’ native languages and cultures to get them involved and more confident in the classroom. He gives us examples on connecting cultures, boosting his students’ performance, teaching English and eradicating cultural bias all at the same time.

Listen to the interview here. 

You can also listen to a story David shared with us.

Go to the Helbling English YouTube channel to see more videos.

Here you can find more information about David.

Click for a complete transcript of the interview.

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