Bring spring to your book club and reading class!

Illustration from The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield.

Illustration from the Helbling reader edition The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield. Illustrated by Catty Flores. © Helbling Languages

1 Go on a book-themed picnic.

Of course a simple picnic will be a lot of fun, too. Pick an afternoon, take a bike ride to a park or to the countryside. If your school has a garden, you can just go outside. Give your students at least a week to get ready for the picnic.

Decide a theme based on a reader.

• You can all wear something that reminds you of the book you have chosen.

• You can all bring some food that is inspired by the book you have chosen.

Check out this book for inspiration: Fictitious Dishes: An Album of Literature’s Most Memorable Meals

2 Have a book party and make decorations for it!

The party can be outdoors or indoors, but it should definitely be filled with fun! Remember to give yourself enough time for party preparations.

Choose a theme for your party.

Here are some examples of book-inspired parties:

  • Make book party invitation cards.

invitation card

  • Make party decorations: book garland book straws, flower or butterfly garlands.
  • Make cupcakes and sandwiches.cupcake
  • Have a book-related activity at your party:
    • Play ‘Guess the book’ charades.
    • Play ‘Guess the book by its cover, first line, last line’ games.

You will find great paper craft ideas on this website.

Have fun!

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