Spend time with nature on World Environment Day

Illustration by Lorenzo Sabbatini from the young reader Sam and the Sunflower Seeds. © Helbling Languages

UN World Environment Day is observed on June 5th with lots of inspiring initiatives, educational projects and global involvement. In the long list of important dedicated days this day should be among our priorities, and it’s definitely a topic we should talk about both in and out of the classroom.

If you can, take your students into nature around June 5th or any other time, but if it’s difficult to  manage, you can still take nature into the classroom. Here are some classroom ideas, projects and reading tips for your young learner, teen and adult classes.

Things to do on World Environment Day 

In order to get started, we need to do some language work. Brainstorm words with your students (if they are lower level, use pictures and flashcards). Write the words they come up with on a board, or get them to collect them in groups and then share with the rest of the class.

  • You can find images and videos on the official UN Environment Day website to help you with visualisation.

Then you can list things you can do to enjoy or improve your environment. Some of our ideas are cleaning the school yard, a local park, walking through a green space, having an outdoor picnic.

Project ideas

Does your school, town or region run any projects about the environment? Ask local representatives if they already have active teams. Otherwise you can also take part in global events held to raise awareness of Environment Day by posting a photo or a video on social media. Click on the link below to learn more about this project.

You can also check out the UN World Environment Facebook page.

You can apply for a prize as well in the UN Young Champions of the Earth program. Find out more about this prize and initiative.

The official website introduces this programme with these words:

‘If you have a big idea to protect or restore the environment; if you have a vision for a more sustainable future; if you have a strong track record of instigating change; if you are unafraid of failure; and if you believe in a bright future for our planet, then you just might have what it takes to become a Young Champion of the Earth.

Read stories about the environment

We have a collection of readers which can help you experience different issues connected to the environment.

Young Readers

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Red and Blue Readers for teens and adults

  • Jack’s Endless Summer – written by Martyn Hobbs and illustrated by Lorenzo Sabattini
  • Holly the Eco Warrior – written by Martyn Hobbs and illustrated by Lorenzo Sabattini
  • Operation Osprey – written by David A. Hill and illustrated by
  • Red Water – written by Anoinaette Moses and illustrated by
  • The Albatross – written by Scott Lauder and Walter McGregor and illustrated by
  • Heart of Darkness – written by Joseph Conrad, adapted by … and illustrated by Michele Rochetti

Here is a really inspiring project about the environment form a Turkish teacher and her young students.


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