January 22, 2019
by Nora Nagy

Five classics for 2019: The Adventures of Doctor Dolittle

We have five classics for you and your students to explore this year. When we read a story, we read so much more than the plot. Stories, and especially classics, open the door to multiple worlds, which we can become exciting territories for classroom activities and projects. In this series we give a short overview of our new stories: the author, the plot, the characters, the adaptation, the various classroom learning possibilities and some background information about the creation of the reader. The classroom learning projects are mostly CLIL projects (history, science, geography, literature, philosophy, psychoglogy, art) and language areas. Apart from these short overviews, we also prepare detailed lesson and project plans for each title. Watch out for these posts on our blog.

In this post we introduce The Adventures of Doctor Dolittle written by Hugh Lofting (Level 1). The adaptation and the activities were written by Jennifer Gascoigne, and the story was illustrated by Lorenzo Sabbatini.

The other new titles are:

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January 18, 2019
by Nora Nagy

A love of libraries: 10 things to consider when building a classroom library

A classroom library corner in the reader A New Home for Socks written by Antoinatte Moses. Illustration by Elena Prette. © Helbling Languages

The wonder of libraries never ceases to amaze us. The earlier we start visiting these wonderful places with students, the more confident and enthusiastic they will become about spending time in them. In the second part of our series on libraries, we consider ten essential things we should keep in mind when we build a classroom library.

Your school might already have a school library, but you might want to bring the books closer to your classes. Plus, building an English-language library, which can be part of your everyday teaching, can bring reading and the love of books within reach for your students.

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January 15, 2019
by Nora Nagy

A love of libraries: much more than just books

Jo in the library in Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. Illustrated by Cecilia Tamburini. © Helbling Languages

Library memories

My memories of going to the library are full of excitement and wonder. Walking up and down the aisles, getting lost between the book cases and browsing the shelves are just some of the fun memories. As a child, I often visited the same corners: fiction, poetry, biographies, art, philosophy and literary history. I also ended up reading books I had never known existed. One of the most wonderful thing about libraries is that they make the unimaginable real by hosting books on topics and by authors you have never heard about. When you find yourself in front of such a variety of books, you cannot stop yourself from flipping through the pages. I consider myself lucky for having had language teachers who supported reading and lent us all sorts of books from their own collections. My fortune continued at university where my professors lent me books while I was working on my thesis. And even now, in the age of the Internet and instant access to books, I often find myself sitting in a reading room, looking for new titles, reading journals and newspapers, and discovering new territories. Continue Reading →

December 31, 2018
by Nora Nagy

Our top 10 blog posts in 2018

After 12 months of blogging it is a pleasure to look back on the year and see some of our most liked posts in the year. Although it was difficult to pick our top 10, here they are now for all of us to revisit. Many thanks for following us in 2018, and we look forward to sharing new ideas about new readers, lessons, projects, authors, illustrators and fresh ideas in  2019. Continue Reading →

December 22, 2018
by Nora Nagy

Films about teachers and schools

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When we teachers have some time to relax, we often find ourselves watching films or reading about learning and education. There are so many stories about the beauty (and of course challenges) of teaching. Here are some of our favourites, to remind ourselves why we love this profession. Continue Reading →