Love Your Pet: A Lesson Plan for Animal Lovers

Illustration from Holly's New Friend by Martyn Hobbs.

Illustration by Lorenzo Sabbatini from Holly’s New Friend by Martyn Hobbs. ©Helbling Languages

February 20th is Love Your Pet Day. It is an excellent chance to talk about pets and animals with your classes. A lesson dedicated to our furry (or not so furry) friends will keep your students interested and will inspire them to read books about animals. The best thing about these activities is that students always feel enthusiastic about animals so you can have a pet lesson on any day of the year!

*These activities and readers work best with teenagers between 11 and 14 whose English level is around A1 and A2.

Here are some activities and projects for your class – inspired by animals.

1 Do our pets worksheet. 

Talk about animals which make good pets.

2 Do our ‘Which pet is best for you?’ quiz.

You will also find book recommendations in the results.

3 Project: Read to animals!

Take pictures of you and your friends reading to animals. You can also take pictures of your pets reading. Here are two wonderful initiatives.

  • The Animal Rescue League of Birds Country started a program for teenagers called ‘Book Buddies’. Children go to the shelter and read to animals. It helps the children improve their reading skills and it helps the shelter animals at the same time. Visit their website and see the pictures here.
  • The Bitter Root Humane Association in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania started a ‘Read and Relax’ program. Find out about the program here.

Choose a reader about animals.

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