Keep reading: 5 basic projects for the new term

Starting a reading project is always a good idea and the beginning of the new term is defnitely the perfect time to start planning one. We have collected five simple but inspiring ideas for your teen and adult classes. You will find short projects as well as longer ones for the whole term. You can start with one and then soon your class could have a reading focus!

Helbling Readers Catalogue 2018 cover illustration by Gabriella Giandelli. © Helbling Languages

1 Book club or reading club

Simply set up a book club or reading club. Start by asking your students what they are interested in. Choose a theme or several themes, an author or a genre.   Select a book or books and with your school library if you have enough copies for the whole class. Then start reading. Remember to talk about the stories you read.

Some tips:

  • If you don’t have enough copies, you can also start a patchwork book club where your  students read different books individually or in small grops and then pass them around.
  • Think about reading fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama, journalism, interviews, comic books and picturebooks.
  • Download our Book Club Starter Kit for badges, activities and more.

2 Events around a book

Read only one book but make it big. If you turn the reading into a series of events which ends with a book party, your students will surely remember the story. For example, if you read The Great Gatsby, you can start by discussing the jazz age, then move on to reading the story either in the original or a graded reader edition. Dedicate a couple of sessions to discussions. Remember to watch the film adaptation of the novel. At the end of the month or term (depending on how much time spend on reading), organize a party in the style of the 1920s.

Here is a lesson plan to help you work with The Great Gatsby:

Of course you can build events around any other novel. Check out our ideas for book-themed parties here:

3 In-class reading for fun

Your students often have little time to dedicate to reading outside the classroom. Dedicate a 15-minute session to reading for fun in the lesson once aweek. When you really see that it is time to stop and do some reading, you can do a D.E.A.R. (Drop everything and read) session. Ring a bell and your students what they are doing and read.

Read more about classroom reading in our post:

4 Creative projects

Reading a book can lead to exciting arts and crafts projects. Our best tips here come from practising teachers. You can make posters, lapbooks or organize tea parties. Check out our series with teachers from all over the world to get some ideas.

5 One-day events

A reading marathon, a night reading session, a book swap or book giving event can all raise awareness and get your students to think more about reading and discover more books. Check out our posts about various events to get ideas.

You can also check out our Events Calendar for lesson plans.

We truly believe which reading projects that start within classrooms and which are initiated by teachers can lead to exiciting changes and can become traditions in schools. Starting with one project and following it through the term will lead to successful and memorable days of reading.

Share your own reading projects with us!

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