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Now that the summer holidays have arrived for most teachers in the northern hemisphere, we asked some of our authors and teachers to share their holiday reading plans with us. After a year full of course books, lesson plans and our students’ writing assignments and projects, it’s time to spend some time on inspirational and relaxing reading, or simply something very different from our usual academic routine.

If you have a good book you think other teachers would be interested in reading, don’t hesitate to it with us!


Janet Borsbey and Ruth Swan

Jane and Ruth adapted Rudyard Kipling’s Kim for the Helbling Reader edition.

“A brilliant read – truly inspirational and full of amazing insights.”

  • Circe (2018) by Madeline Miller

“Completely ‘unputdownable’ until you’ve got to the end and a bit of a weepy too!”

Paul Davenport

Paul is the author the Helbling Readers Princess on the Run and Stubs Grows Up

“Her writing is witty, humorous, fast-paced and realistic, a delight to read – if you don’t mind the grisly details about corpses!”

Robert Campbell

Robert is the author of three Helbling Readers: The Time Capsule, Next Door and The Green Room. He is also co-author of our brand new course book Studio.
“For a good summer read, I’d recommend Sally Rooney’s debut novel ‘Conversations with Friends’ or her most recent novel, ‘Normal People’, which won the Costa Book Award and was named Waterstone’s Book of the Year. Sally Rooney is an Irish writer and her writing is perfect for holiday reading. Also, if you haven’t already read Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch, do so now before the film comes out in the autumn.”

Martyn Hobbs

Martyn is the author of the Helbling Readers Graphic Stories Fiction series ‘Westbourne Kids’, which consists of eight engaging titles. He is also co-author of the courses Sure, For Real Plus and For Real with Julia Starr Keddle.

  • Orlando (1928) by Virginia Woolf
  • Twelfth Night & The Tempest by William Shakespeare
  • Anything by Iris Murdoch – for example The Good Apprentice (1985)


Cristina Toledano

Cristina is a teacher in Brazil, who organizes fascinating literature-inspired projects for her students. Read our interview with her here.

Margit Oblak

Margit is a teacher in Austria, and she organizes reading projects to inspire her students to read more. Read our interview with her about her reading events here.

  • A Million Steps (2013) by Kurt Koontz
  • Ich wollte auch mal weg ……. auf den Jakobsweg (2016) by Bruno Schneider

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