Holiday Reading Challenge


We have an excellent challenge for your holidays (or simply for the rest of the year). Print our sheet, put it on the fridge or keep it in your bag. Click here to download the sheet.

You can also make your own reading challenge. Here are some ideas.

  • Make a reading challenge sheet for your parents.
  • Make one for your best friends.
  • Make one for your teacher (you can do it in class, at the beginning of the year).
  • Make one based on a theme or a historical period (for advanced readers!).
  • Make a reading challenge based on picture books, comic books and graphic novels.
  • Make one based on a genre (only detective, only crime, only love, only adventures).
  • Make a reading challenge based only on film adaptations.
  • And of course, make a reading challenge based on Helbling Readers!

Send us your own reading challenge.

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