Holiday reads from the folk at Helbling

What goes on your essential holiday equipment list? A large towel, sunglasses, flip-flops, sunscreen, a swimsuit and books, obviously. We love reading all year round, but when we have an extra weekend or even a week off, we cannot wait to switch off and disappear in a great read. Some of the people in Helbling have shared their book picks for the holidays. As I tend to keep reading the same authors, it is refreshing to see great titles I might not even heard about before.

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Maria Cleary, Helbling Readers Series Editor

Cristina Lazzeri, Marketing and Advertising Manager

Elisa Pasqualini, Multimedia

Novella Paolucci, Logistics and Production

Francesca Gironi, Art Editor and Editorial Assistant

Veronica Stecconi, Multimedia and Editorial Assistant

Ella Beeson, Editorial Assistant

Gianluca Armeni, Graphic Designer

Lavinia Mandolini, Graphic Designer

Nora Nagy, Helbling Readers Blog and Social Media

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