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15thingsIt’s a busy and exciting time of the year. Many of us are already thinking about getting back to school, while in some countries the school term has already begun. How do you get ready for the teaching months? A successful term demands a thorough plan, almost unlimited resources, lots of inspiration and well-defined goals. On top of all these, unexpected situations can be lurking around the corner and you will have to improvise and come up with the best solution.

We have collected some of our best practices to help with your preparation for the new term. Read through the list quickly and get inspired.


1 Organise your books and your work area both at home and in school.

2 Read through the syllabus and your course books. Use sticky notes to add interesting ideas that come to your mind as you are reading.

3 Choose your resource books. Although course books provide lots of materials, you will still need skills practice, fun games and photocopiable activities.

Hint: Check out The Resourceful Teacher Series and The Photocopiable Teacher Series in the Helbling Catalogue.

4 Pick a reliable teaching website where you can get inspiration all through the year.

5 Try out a digital platform to help you with online training, student assignments and online activities. A website like Helbling e-zone will reduce your preparation and correction time.

6 Think of project assignments and monthly topics. If you decide on a theme for each month, you can have fun with inquiry-based learning which will keep your students busy.

7 Have an informal chat with your colleagues and see what their plans and expectations are.

Think of setting up a book club, a film club or a science club in English.

9 Plan some field trips to museums and galleries.

10 Check your notes from last year to remind yourself of your experiences.

11 Write down a motto and your own resolutions for the new term. Keep this sheet in a place where you can see it when you really need some motivation.

12 Choose a training programme to inspire you. It can be an online programme for self-study (for example Coursera) or an organized one in your school. You can learn something related to teaching or something you like such as a new language, a new skill, anything you have wanted to do for a long time.

13 Think of a new approach, a set of activities or a new resource book you will try this term. Write down your thoughts on it now and while you are using it in class.

14 Prepare your own bag and get some nice stationary, a new diary and boxes to organise your documents.

15 Start getting used to waking up earlier and exercising as you will be standing and sitting (while correcting) a lot.

What are your best practices? Do share your own ideas and tips with us.

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