The Great Gatsby in the English class

We can’t wait to see the new Baz Luhrmann version of The Great Gatsby, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire. You might remember Luhrmann’s modern adaptation of Romeo+ Juliet, the one with the original playscript and a really powerful soundtrack. That film inspired a lot of teenagers to study Shakespeare. In May The Great Gatsby is coming out, and it can serve as an excellent opportunity to motivate your students to read the novel before the premiere or even after, if they up resistance.

Your students may not be familiar with F. Scott Fitzgerald but the film trailer should be powerful enough to initiate an interesting discussion. You can also do our extension activities to research the world of the book.

With this in mind we have put together a lesson plan based on the reader (adapted by David A. Hill and illustrated by Catty Flores) and the film (using the trailer) which we hope you enjoy using in your class to raise interest, start a discussion and activate background knowledge.

Level: CEF B1, Cambridge PET, Trinity 5, 6
Age: 13 +
Themes: Human interest, Mystery

What you’ll need: The official trailer here.

Download two worksheets in PDF format to print:
1 Our worksheet based on the film trailer with research projects: Film Trailer Worksheet
2 Extension activities using samples from the book: Extension Worksheet

You can do the extension activities in class or it can be an excellent research activity for your students to do at home.

Level: CEFR B1, Cambridge PET, Trinity 5,6
Recommended age: 14+
Materials: worksheet, Internet access to watch the trailer

If you are already using the book, here are some worksheets for your class.

And a link to a host of self-correcting (YES! more time for you to prepare) online activities on The Great Gatsby.

If you’re not familiar with our version of The Great Gatsby, you can download sample pages and audio files here.

It is simple, just download the Worksheet and watch the trailer. Have fun!


  1. Nora, thank you for this site. It is a wealth of information and resources. I enjoy the artwork on Gatsby. Worksheets were never so glitzy! Is the film out now for you? My students watched the trailer about 40 million times; they liked the film even better.

    Look forward to using this resource for my 11th and 12th grade students. Too bad it’s nearing the end of the school year. We’ll have to do Book Clubs over the summer to make that long summer reading list less painful.

  2. Dear Lydia, we’re glad you enjoyed the Gatsby post. We will soon be posting on how to set up a Summer Reading Club,