Four heartwarming reading projects for December

December is such a fun month. Not only does it have promises of great gatherings, family celebrations and moments of real relaxation, it also happens to give us a chance to give and receive books as presents or to curl up in a big comfy chair with a favourite read.


Illustration by Estella Guerrera from the reader ‘Food for the Winter’ written by Rick Sampedro. © Helbling Languages

Here are some fun projects you can do with your classes or with your friends and family.

Holiday Book Exchange

Organise a book exchange tea party before you go on holiday. Getting a holiday book recommendation can be motivating for some students. You can suggest swapping books during the holidays, or even for a month, and then you have something to discuss at the end of January.

Book Charity Event

Another thing you can do with very little organisation is a charity book collection for a local group or social service.

  • Contact the charity or social service which you wish to donate the books to.
  • Prepare a poster to promote the event. Hand-made posters can look nice, especially if you prepare them with you students.
  • Pick a date, time and place for everyone in the school when they can get together and drop the books they decide to offer.
  • Ask the charity or the social service to come and pick up the books.
  • Make sure everyone knows that they books will go to libraries, schools and families who need some extra help over the holidays and Christmas celebrations.

Best of the year

It is the time of the year when we like looking back and remembering the best moments of the year. Dedicate some time to reading about the best of this year’s book selections in various magazines, newspapers and journals. Ask your students to check their own favourite magazines for such lists. You can also prepare your own best of list, and ask your classes to vote for their favourite reads (and readers).

Advent reading calendar

If you celebrate Christmas and like advent calendars, it is a nice idea to prepare one for December. Place titles of novels, short stories, poems, plays, picture books and graphic novels in your calendar, and share information about them or read them out loud if you have enough time.

You can add stories about Christmas, winter, snow and love in your calendar.

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