Our favourite reads in 2017

Looking back on 2017 includes revisiting our favourite books. We love getting inspiration from each other and would like to encourage you to ask your colleagues, friends and family for book recommendations. No matter how much you read, there will always be surprises on other book lists that will intrigue and attract you.

We asked around in our office in Italy to see what the Helbling English team enjoyed reading most this year.

Lars Madsen, International Sales Director

Maria Cleary, Helbling Readers Series Editor

Cristina Lazzeri, Marketing and Advertising Manager

Cristina’s son, Riccardo very much appraciated the The Dark in the Box from the Helbling Young Reader series and At the Zoo from The Thinking Train series.
Elisa Pasqualini, Multimedia

Novella Paolucci, Logistics and Production

Francesca Gironi, Art Editor and Editorial Assistant

Veronica Stecconi, Multimedia and Editorial Assistant

Gianluca Armeni, Graphic Designer

Nora Nagy, Helbling Readers Blog and Social Media

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