Choose a book for the Christmas holiday

The holidays are just round the corner, and we are all looking forward to relaxing with our friends and families. Christmas is the perfect time to motivate our students to read more. When it comes to holiday reading, freedom to choose what to read gains more importance than ever before. We have already looked at book selection in our post about Extensive Reading in the classroom. While we should appreciate any reading during the holidays, our students might be more inclined to read books that are about Christmas, winter and snow.

What shall we do about monitoring and rewarding reading during the holidays? Encouraging our students to read for a reward can make reading for pleasure feel like a chore, more like a homework task. Let your students choose not only the book they would like to read but also the way they would like to keep track of their reading. They can try any of the ideas below.

illustration from Little Women by Lousia May Alcott

Illustration by Cecilia Tamburini in Little Women by Lousie May Alcott. © Helbling Languages

1 Keep a reading journal.

2 Prepare a poster with the storyline and the characters.

3 Write a review of the book.

4 Illustrate your favourite scene.

5 Do the e-zone activities for the reader you pick.

You can offer a variety of tasks, there’s something for everyone: writers, artists, critics, analytical thinkers and digital fans (that is almost every student in your class).

For the interactive e-zone activities, visit our educational platform and assign colourful and engaging tasks to your classes. The activities are self-correcting so you won’t come back to a pile of correction and are available for all of our Red and Blue Readers.

Here is a selection of readers with a holiday theme.

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Little Women by Louise May Alcott

This heartwarming story is a perfect Christmas read. A story of four sisters, growing up and dealing with difficult times will be a  favourite, especially for the girls.

 White Fang by Jack London

This classic adventure is a great read to revisit every winter. Take a trip to frozen and snowy Alaska with White Fang. Just show yours students the cover image and some illustrations, and every one of them will fall in love with this story.

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

This story is the ultimate in Christmas fiction. There are several film adaptations you can also use to motivate your students to pick this book. And next week’s blog posts will feature a special on this story.

The Call of the Wild by Jack London

Jack London’s other masterpiece takes us to Yukon territory and will engage all your students who love dogs and adventure stories.

The Kingdom of the Snow Leopard by Elspeth Rawstron

This beautifully illustrated original story is a real discovery. It is a story of two friends who spend their Christmas holidays in the Kingdom of the Snow Leopard in Asia.

Don’t forget about the worksheets and exit tests for these books. You can download them here:

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