Book Club and Reading Games – 2

We are well into the term now and it’s time for some easy and fun activities in your classroom or Book Club. Here are two new games you can use together or separately. Our second Book Club game focuses on the students and their reading experiences. It’s always beneficial to stop and talk about ourselves and our relationship with books now and then. Use our ‘Find someone who…’ questions to get your students talk about their reading experiences and preferences. Of course you can always use this activity in your classroom, too.

Our Reading Game, ‘Characters Today’  gets us to imagine our favourite characters in a modern setting. You’ll find a set of questions to help your students create a contemporary profile for the characters in your chosen classic reader. You can then create examples to help your students even more. If we ask our students to play with stories and characters freely and creatively, they will feel motivated and stimulated to interact during the session.

Download the two activities in PDF here:

You will find the first post in this series here:

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