Back to School 2: 5 Ideas for Your Book Club

You have decided to start (or restart) a Book Club in your school. What are the most important steps to follow? How can you make a Book Club a fun place to be?

Here we have collected five ideas for your Book Club, print it and start ticking off the ideas.

Role Badges1 Setting up a Book Club: create a sense of ‘cool place to be’.

Book Clubs are not only for bookworms as your students might think. Of course the main focus is on reading (a lot), but contrary to popular (teenage) belief, you can read graphic novels, non-fiction and non-classic original stories in Book Clubs. Create posters, Book Club badges  and roles, and a Book Club profile for your students. You can also set up an online (social media) group for all Book Club members.

Here are some things to consider when you’re setting up a Book Club:

2 Organize Book Club parties.

invitation card

Book Club parties can become the main motivation for some students to join a the club. As long as parties inspire them to read and read more, they should be a welcome bonus feature in the Book Club plan.

You can have tea parties, fancy dress parties, thematic holiday parties, quiz nights – try to organize one a month.

3 Have film nights at the Book Club.

Choose films which are adaptations of classic novels. Here you can find a list of film tie-ins.

4 Have arts and crafts sessions at the Book Club.

Decorate the room, make book covers, bookmarks, book-themed gifts, posters, illustrations. Let you students get creative. Here you will find some arts and crafts ideas.

5 Let your the members choose what they want to read.

Here you will find more advice on choosing the right reader.

Need more ideas and resources?

Download role cards, role badges, a book club schedule, level tests,  book selection worksheets, quizzes and more from our Book Club Starter Kit.
For more Book Club activities and ideas, browse our Helbling Book Clubs page.

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