Arts and Crafts Activities for your Book Club: 1


Origami owl bookmark in David and the Black Corsair by Martyn Hobbs.

In our digital world we can easily forget how much fun we can have with arts and crafts activities in the classroom or in a book club. We have collected simple and creative ideas you can try with your younger and older readers. Arts and crafts workshops are not only for the little ones. Try these activities with your teen readers or even with adults, we guarantee that they will enjoy making beautiful things for their Book Club. Who knows, a pretty bookmark might inspire a student to open a book, thus discover a whole new world. You can ask the school art teacher for help and advice with some of these ideas.

1 Make your own bookmark

origami owl bookmarkYes, we still read the paper edition and we love bookmarks! Try these ideas and ask your readers if they can come up with more ideas.

  • Origami bookmarks. You can fold origami hearts, owls, butterflies, or any figure that you like. Origami handbooks and video tutorials on the Internet will offer lots of ideas.
  • Buttons and paperclips. Simply glue some colourful buttons to both sides of a bigger paper clip.
  • Reading timer bookmarks. Cut up our reading timer sheets into strips, and glue them onto a colourful cardboard base. You can download our Reading Timers here.

2 Ex libris – Make your own bookplates

A bookplate makes a book very personal and significant for its owner. An ex-libris is a label that you paste onto the inside front cover of a book.

We usually write our own name on bookplates, but if you have books that belong to the school or the class, make bookplates that say the name of your school.

3 Design your Book Club logo and pin

This can be lots of fun, and you will need to let your students’ imagination flow. Think about what defines your Book Club, and create a logo.

You can have a logo design contest and give your students some days to come up with ideas. Then vote for the best one. If they create the logo digitally, you can still have a crafts session to make pins, postcards and posters.

4 Book Club role badges

It is always a good idea to have roles during Book Club meetings. Use our role cards and badges in your Book Club. Download our role badges, and cut them up and colour them to make colourful pins.


Read more about Book Club roles here:

Download our role cards and badges here:

5 Famous readers poster

If you browse online or paper magazines about reading, you will find a lot of images of celebrities who read. Ask your students to look for pictures of their favourite film stars, singers or sportspeople reading, holding or talking about books. Then create a poster with images of these people.

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