Our Most Anticipated Holiday Reads 2016


Some of our most anticipated holiday reads

School is almost over, and the moment has come when we finally have some time to read what we really love and not what we have to. Have you noticed that we tend to turn to the same authors and genres we have always enjoyed reading? Reading book recommendations lists can help us find titles which might improve our holiday book stack. We have collected some of our most anticipated holiday reads for you. Some of them are novels, some are plays, and we also have young adult fiction ideas for you. And, since we are teachers, we finally get to become familiar with some fun educational and ELT resource books we haven’t had the chance to read during the school term. Pick a resource book or book about education, mark the activities which you would love to try when you are back in school, they will help give yourself fresh ideas for the new term.

Here are the books we would like to read in the coming months.

Fiction (both old and new) and poetry

Young adult novels

For more YA ideas, check out our website www.101yans.com

Children’s books

We will also read stories written by Roald Dahl as this year marks the 100th anniversary of his birthday! Learn more about him and his great stories here: Roald Dahl 100.

We also recommend The Routledge Companion to Children’s Literature written by David Rudd.


We are definitely reading a Shakespeare play this summer.



English language teaching

And we recommend the whole The Resourceful Teacher Series.

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