2 Quizzes – Book Club and Reading Games 6

Quizzes are always a fun option as a warm-up exercise or as a reward during a lesson. They can inspire students to read a story or help them reflect on their reading experience. Our first two literary quizzes are based on two readers from our Red Series, and two from our Blue Series.

Find out with your students which famous literary character is more like them, and then have a discussion about these characters. Remember to check the vocabulary before doing the quiz.

Download the quizzes and the answers here:

Quiz: Are you Sherlock Holmes or Dr Watson?

We recommend these two readers:

9783852721569_500.jpg   9783852720012_500.jpg

Quiz: Are you Jane Eyre or Catherine Earnshaw?

We recommend these two readers:

9783852725178_500.jpg   jane eyre.jpeg

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