10 Things To Do During the Holidays

10 Things to DoThe holidays are here, and after the busy days of school we all need some time to relax. However, after a week or two we begin to seek holiday activities because relaxation does not equal inactivity, especially for active teens and young adults. Here are ten things to do during the holidays with printable resources for you or your classes.

1 Visit a new place.

It can be a neighbouring town or a foreign country, choose a place that you have never visited. Look around in town and find a spot you do not know much about.

2 Relax and sleep a lot.

Forget about the alarm clock for a while, and sleep as much as you need!

3 Read a book in English.

Practise English by reading fun books and you won’t have to worry about going back to school unprepared. Check out our online catalogue and pick a book you like: Helbling Readers Catalogue. Make sure you choose the right book for your level.

4 Read at least 10 hours in English.

Reading Diary 2014You can double or triple the hours! Download our Holiday Reading Diary and mark every 15 minutes you read to track your progress.

5 Learn a new word in English every day.

Start learning new words. You can use readers, magazines, Internet websites to learn new vocabulary, and don’t forget to take notes.

6 Watch films in English.

You have all the time in the world to watch films, TV series, cartoons! Check out our film tie-in  title collection for ideas.

7 Go to the theatre.

You will easily find festivals during the summer where you can see musicals, comedies, classic plays, puppet theatres.

8 Make a scrapbook.

You don’t have to be an arts & crafts expert to create a scrapbook. Take a notebook and dedicate it to this holiday. Collect memories, ideas, images and thoughts. It will be so much fun to revisit your holidays when you are back at school!

9 Learn something new.

It can be anything you have ever dreamt of doing: cooking, doing a sport, speaking a new language, playing a musical instrument, putting up a tent, rock climbing.

10 Volunteer for a good cause.

Do you care about animals or parks and nature near you? Do you like your local library? Ask around and volunteer at an organisation. Only few hours a week can make a big difference and you can help a lot!

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